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Go Crazy at WOMAD, the Largest International Music Festival

If your dream is to explore the globe but money and time are playing hard-to-get, just head to WOMAD. It’s a wild blend of cultures, traditions, sounds, and flavors that’ll blow your mind. Leave preconceptions at home and open your mind to the idea of a global village, because that is what WOMAD is.

WOMAD is also the current Guinness World Record holder of the largest international music festival. Check it out!

What the WOMAD?

Not a rocket scientist but a rock musician, Peter Gabriel, founded the festival in 1980. Subsequently, two years later, the first ever event was held in Shepton Mallet, UK. Since then WOMAD has wowed over 30 countries with their unique approach to music and arts., including Australia, South Africa, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Greece, Singapore, and many more.

The essence of WOMAD has always been open-mindedness. Truly, they believe in and strive to inspire a world with limitless communication through music and all forms of art. WOMAD has spread to several countries, but its location in its country of origin has been established at Charlton Park, Wiltshire since 2007.

Musical Performances

Via the WOMAD Festival UK Facebook page

Taking place across six outdoor and indoor stages are over 250 music acts. Top-tier musicians from all over the planet gather to bring the essence of their unique countries to WOMAD. And with over 50 represented countries, its bound to be a sensational experience with something for everyone.

During the day you can find nearly any genre. Pop, soul, ethnic, electro-funk, jazz, rock, dance music, and anything in between. After dusk the nocturnal venues come to life – rave until morning at the d&b Soundscape, Molly’s or Disco Bear.

What Else?

Via the WOMAD UK website

There are over 80 free adult workshops and about 200 children’s workshops. Try your hand (or booty, or voice) at skills ranging from Palestinian singing to Brazilian folk dances in the All Singing, All Dancing workshops.

The Arboretum houses a min boggling number of workshops like singing, yoga, and kora workshops to name a few. Listen to talks, Debates, Panels and more at the World of Words in the Hip Yak Poetry Shack. Or stretch the limits of your mind at the Physics Pavilion.

The musicians can play, but can they cook? Taste the World offers the opportunity for festivalgoers to taste the cultures of the world, sprinkled with educational conversations and served with a side of music. Wait, there’s more! Even the kids can get an ethnic cooking class from chefs around the world. That’s one way to spice up the next Mother’s Day brekkie…

Via the WOMAD Festival UK Facebook page

.Bonus! Humans aged 13 or under get to experience this eclectic festival at zero charge. World of Children features an array of awesome activities for 9a.m. to 7p.m. to keep them inspired and entertained. Extra attention is given to WOMAD Weenies, where children younger than 5 can have the best time exploring and having fun.


WOMAD UK will take place on 25-28 July 2024 at Charlton Park. Children aged 13 and under enter free, and teen and adult tickets can be purchased on the WOMAD UK website. Tickets will be sent out 7 days before the event.

Accommodation options range from tipis to yurts, and from glamping to live-in vehicles. Bring your own tent or rent one at the event. Pre-order additional options and extras on the accommodation section of the website.


Is WOMAD pet-friendly?
No, only registered service dogs may enter the festival.

Can I bring my own alcohol?
As long as you are 18+ and the alcohol is not in glassware. If you are, or look, under 25 years of age remember to bring an appropriate form of ID.

How do I pay on-site?
The most widely accepted payment form is cards. However, there are ATMs available and it’s recommended to carry some cash with you.

Does WOMAD cater for disabled persons?
Disabled person’s tickets can be purchased and special needs be filled in. Visit WOMAD UK’s Accessibility Page for detailed information and more FAQ.

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