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These Are The Fashion Festival Trends 2024

As a music festival enthusiast, I’m excited to share with you the latest fashion trends for 2024. 

by Thomas Hawk

According to the New York and London Fashion Weeks, the upcoming festival season will be all about pastel colors. The trend is expected to be dominated by soft and delicate hues that will add a playful touch to your wardrobe. Here are some of the top festival fashion trends for 2024.

These are the Festival Trends for the 2024 Season

Trend/ ColorsDescriptionKey Designers/Brands
Lilac and MauveShades of purple ranging from pale to boldCarolina Herrera, Roksanda, Michael Kors
PinkBubblegum pink to subtle shades; includes oversize blazers and beltsAshlyn, Tory Burch, Simone Rocha, Palomo Spain
YellowButter yellow, ideal for summerBite Studios, Ashley Williams, Molly Goddard
GreenPastel green; includes trench coats and transparent dressesJW Anderson, Erdem, Puppets and Puppets
OrangeExpected to be popular in dressesMelitta Baumeister, Ahluwalia
FringeContinuing trend on jackets to skirtsCeline, Saint Laurent
FloralsPerfect for summer; includes dresses and skirtsDior, Chanel
DenimClassic trend in shorts, jackets, and dressesBalmain, Isabel Marant
SheerSheer fabrics in dresses to tops for summerValentino, Givenchy
MetallicsAdds sparkle with dresses and skirtsVersace, Gucci

Keep on reading to dive into more trends and styles.

Lilac and Mauve

These shades of purple are expected to be a hit in 2024. From Carolina Herrera to Roksanda, designers have showcased dresses in both pale and bold tones of lilac and mauve. 

Michael Kors has also incorporated these colors in his collection with a knielength trench coat in a pale shade of lilac 1.


Bubblegum pink is back in style, and it’s here to stay.

Ashlyn and Tory Burch have incorporated this color in their collections, while Simone Rocha and Palomo Spain have opted for more subtle shades of pink. Oversize blazers and belts are also expected to be a hit in this color 1.


Emrah Altay, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Butter yellow is the new trend for summer 2024. Bite Studios, Ashley Williams, and Molly Goddard have showcased dresses in this color, which is perfect for the season.

Green / Korean Culture and Information Service (Photographer name), CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pastel green is also expected to make an appearance in the festival season of 2024. 

JW Anderson has showcased a trench coat in this color, while Erdem and Puppets and Puppets have opted for transparent dresses in softer shades of green.


This color is expected to be a hit in the form of dresses. Labels like Melitta Baumeister and Ahluwalia have already incorporated this color in their collections.


Fringe is a trend that has been around for a while, and it’s not going anywhere. From jackets to skirts, fringe is expected to be a hit in the festival season of 2024. Brands like Celine and Saint Laurent have already incorporated this trend in their collections.


Florals are another trend that is expected to be popular in the festival season of 2024. From dresses to skirts, floral prints are perfect for the summer season. Brands like Dior and Chanel have already showcased floral prints in their collections.


Denim is a classic trend that never goes out of style. In the festival season of 2024, denim is expected to be a hit in the form of shorts, jackets, and dresses. Brands like Balmain and Isabel Marant have already incorporated denim in their collections.


Sheer fabrics are expected to be popular in the festival season of 2024. From dresses to tops, sheer fabrics are perfect for the summer season. Brands like Valentino and Givenchy have already showcased sheer fabrics in their collections.


Metallic fabrics are another trend that is expected to be popular in the festival season of 2024. From dresses to skirts, metallic fabrics are perfect for adding some sparkle to your wardrobe. Brands like Versace and Gucci have already incorporated metallic fabrics in their collections.

Thank you for reading. In conclusion, the festival season of 2024 is all about pastel colors, fringe, florals, denim, sheer fabrics, and metallics. So, get ready to add some playful touches to your wardrobe and stand out in the crowd!

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