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Party Responsibly in 2024 at an Eco-Friendly Festival

We all love a good party, but it’s important to make sure we love the planet too so that future generations can also make amazing memories. Going to an eco-friendly festival is a cool way to be environmentally conscious without missing out on the fun. In fact, these festivals are often more unique, and you’ll have some awesome stories to share afterwards!

Kaique Rocha via Pexels

Green Gathering (Wales)

Via the Green Gathering Facebook page

It’s in the name! Oneness with nature is at the heart of this hippie-inspired festival, so being a tree hugger is akin to having a special eco-status. This sun-, wind-, people- and passion-powered event won the UK Greener Festival Award in 2023.

They also host several campaigns and aim to move beyond Net Zero, recognizing that all energy is precious and must be used consciously. This eco-friendly festival has continued to move into greener pastures by keeping ticket prices affordable and avoiding corporate sponsorship. What’s more, sustainability is also championed in the areas of clothing textiles, periods, and the reduction of single-use anything.

You find tickets for the Green Gathering festival 2024 here!

Glastonbury (Somerset, UK)

Via the Glastonbury Website

From it’s humble beginnings to the massive annual event it has become, Glastonbury has remained an avid supporter of the Greenpeace movement. Because actions speak louder than words, Glastonbury contributes to a number of worthy causes, including Wateraid and several charities. They’ve earned their spot as an eco-friendly festival, and considering their size and popularity, this is an especially honorable achievement.

You find all information about tickets and the festival here!

Green Man Festival (Wales, UK)

Be sustainable, be a “Green Man”. This eco-friendly festival, which is one of the founding members of Vision 2025, is a pioneer in sustainability. Vision 2025 is a long-term plan for the future of Sheffield City Region, the Green Man Festival takes place. It aims to create a thriving, sustainable, and inclusive economy that benefits everyone who lives and works in the region. The plan is based on four key themes: PeoplePlaceBusiness, and Connectivity. The festival will redefine your idea of sustainability.

They were founded in the name of environmental awareness, and have never been guilty of selling a plastic straw. They were also the first festival in the UK to have festivalgoers chugging from recycled, reusable stack cups.

What’s more, they encourage attendees to bring their own bottles to use at the refillable water stations and to buy the fair trade food in compostable wares. Any undamaged camping equipment or food left over after the festival is donated to charities and refugee programs. Read more about Being Green at Glastonbury.

Unfortunately Green Man festival 2024 is sold out already.

Pickathon (Oregon, US)

Pickathon Musical Festival LLC, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Withou a doubt, Pickathon is a model eco-friendly festival. They achieved their dream in 2010 by becoming the first ever American music fest to eliminate all plastic. And they did this in unique, creative ways, e.g., swapping out plastic beer cups for stainless steel (which also doubles as a take-home collectable!).

Furthermore, they moved steadily away from “single use”, opting for bamboo-based food ware that is washed on site and reused. Attendees are also encouraged to bring along their own cutlery and containers.

Hydrogen generators, solar energy, and composting – the list of their sustainability incentives goes on. This lesser-known event is definitely one deserving of support. So grab your stainless steel straw and get on your bicycle, we’re going green-clubbing!

Note: After the expiration of Pickathon’s conditional-use permit of its venue in 2023, it’s uncertain whether it will be renewed. Thousands of long-term festivalgoers are very upset, but rebuilding the festival in a new location might mean a hiatus of more than a year. Read more about the issue here.

Sacred Acre (Ninilchik, Alaska)

Via Sacred Acre Facebook page

Bottom trawling is a source of mass oceanic destruction. Overexploitation of species, thousands of tons of unintentional bycatch, and obliteration of habitats can lead to decline of species and irreparable ecological disruption. Sacred acre is an eco-friendly festival that advocates against the bottom trawling industry in our seas.

They have links to real-world horror facts about just how devastating bottom trawling can be. If people want to know what they can do, Sacred Acres encourage them to use their voice, vote and money to make a difference.

For a taste of the epic EDM you’d hear at the Sacred Acre, there’s a spotify list on their website to check out. Asides from banging beats, the event features an epic human-operated luminous sea-crab, fire and visual arts performances, and even possibly the aurora borealis!

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