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Don’t Miss These Free-Spirited Hippie Festivals in 2024!

As we dive into 2024 and our daily life once again starts revolving around routines and stressful situations, our minds soon crave a chill escape. A hippie festival is all about tuning in with yourself and giving attention to the spiritual side of life that gets lost in our modern and high-paced world.

Take a look at the following list of getaway VW vans that stand ready to spirit you away to trippy, zen, and swinging experiences.

Marshall Astor from San Pedro, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


imustbedead in Tempe, Arizona, USA via Pexels

It’s groovy, Baby! This family-run music and arts festival is also family friendly. Those among us who lived to see the Golden Era of Hippies in the ’40s and ’50’s will especially feel at home in the OG atmosphere of Hippiefest. Here, it’s all about tie-dye, Volkswagen camper vans, flowers, bucket hats, and above all, peace and love.

Digging something other than music? Hippiefest offers a variety of food and merchandise vendors, and family-friendly entertainment and performances. There is also a car show where you can either see other participants’ groovy rides, or showcase our own vintage wheels. The festival welcomes talent and engagement and encourages festivalgoers to register to present their aptitudes.

The 2024 Hippiefest will take place in North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Nebraska, respectively, in the USA. Due to limited ticket availability, interested parties must book in advance. For more information or to snag a ticket, visit the official Hippiefest website.

Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Nevada, USA)

DiegoVigueras, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An eclectic, totally immersive experience awaits those who fling themselves into the sensational, extravagant Electric Daisy Carnival. Even the flowers light up and bedazzling totems promote love and freedom. Every tie-dye shirt is paired with neon lipstick as a tribute to the unlikely marriage between the bohemian hippie-lifestyle and the famous Las Vegas “more is more” culture.

This duality of the hippie festival’s nature is reflected in all its aspects. Festivalgoers can either embrace nature at Camp EDC or opt for more deluxe accommodation at Hotel EDC (in 2024, the Las Vegas Hilton!). The lineup caters for lovers of electric, bass, acoustic, psytrance, and much more to ensure everyone can dance to their favorite version of hippy-beats.

While such a big festival in an even bigger city can seem unsafe and intimidating, EDC makes every effort to ensure the health and wellness of festivalgoers throughout the festivities.

On-site, free-of-charge medical practitioners are ready to act on a moment’s notice, free water refill stations are indicated throughout the grounds, and an assistance team brimming with any information you’d require roams the area.

The festival also upholds a zero tolerance policy and the EDC website features a detailed list of acceptable/unacceptable conduct and item possession. To book a ticket or get answers to questions, visit the detailed EDC website.

Green Gathering Festival (Piercefield Park, UK)

Green Gathering 2023 After film via Green Gathering YouTube

While their landing page calls them “The original off-grid festival”, this hippie festival goes above and beyond to bring diversity to its grounds. While the environmental impact is low, character and originality are in no short supply.

This hippie festival caters for people from all ages, music tastes, interests, and walks of life. Old-school hippie? Punk-rock botanist? Tea-loving radical cinephile? Yogi and activist? Whatever weird and wonderful bohemian blend your soul is, the variety of themes and diverse artist line-up at the Green Gathering Festival will be sure to resonate with you.

The festival brings magic to the UK at Piercefield Park. Everything at the Green Gathering is focused on reducing our impact on Mother Nature. Festivalgoers can either set up their tent (cost included in the ticket price), buy a live-in vehicle pass to park their mobile homes, or get up close and personal with low-impact living by hiring an eco-dwelling.

To purchase your peace of mind or browse the boho personality of this music festival, visit the Green Gathering website.

High Vibe Fest (Mandala Springs, California, USA)

Lucas Pezeta in São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil via Pexels

The High Vibe hippie festival centers on positive vibes, highlighting joy, a community sense, and a delight in music. All the psychic stimulation needed comes from connection with nature and the pulse of the music at this non-alcoholic event.

A wave of positive vibes courses through the festival, and as you follow the creek, you experience a harmonious connection with nature and the community of like-minded bohemian spirits. Besides the artist line-up, the vibes are also sustained with yoga, mini golf, workshops, and more.

The ticket covers a self-catering campsite, with options to upgrade for organic meals and car-camping passes. Glamping and on-site cabin accommodation are also offered. Tickets are already selling out for the May 2024 event at the Mandala Retreat Centre in California, USA, so hurry up and book here.

Rabbits Eat Lettuce (Cherrabah Resort, Australia)

Lucas Pezeta in São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil and Vika Glitter via Pexels

Yes they do, but festivalgoers can put their souls on a much more sustaining diet of love, music, and freedom. This hippie festival promises a switch from the rat race of modern living, to bunny-bouncing along with multifarious beats. Live music and DJ’s form the core of this immersive experience – psytrance, techno, house, and alternative promises to awaken your tribal instincts.

But the festival also features yoga and other workshops to revive your desk-deadened limbs and an immersive art experience to stimulate your inner-child and creativity through unique sensory experiences. Located at the expansive Cherrabah Resort in Australia, there is ample space to let your true self run free.

Whether if you prefer spinach, string cheese, gluten-free shawarma or sizzling steaks, the Market Village caters to all dietary requirements. Aside from alliterated sustenance, the marketplace offers a variety of items to browse and buy a souvenir for a loved one when you emerge from this wonderland.

The ticket price includes a camping spot, and a list of recommended (and banned!) items are provided to ensure a safe, unforgettable, and positive-vibes-only experience. In 2024, Rabbits Eat Lettuce celebrates its 15 year anniversary over the Easter long weekend of 28 March – 1 April. As an added bonus, Bohemian Beatfreaks will also be bringing their boho lounge to the festival this year.

To book your spot down the rabbit-hole, visit the Rabbits Eat Lettuce website.

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