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Who Let the Dogs Out? Pick a Dog-Friendly Festival for Your Fido

While it might be best in most cases to leave Buster back at home, some festivals have decided that all family members should be welcomed. A dog-friendly festival ensure that, with some rules and policies in place, every dog can get its day.

Leah Kelley via Pexels

We all know the Brits have been crazy about their furry pals for ages, so it’s no shocker that the UK tops the list for the most dog-friendly festivals.

Remember, each for his own [dog], this means keeping them on a leash and cleaning up any accidents is the owner’s responsibility. Bad behaviour and abandoned blowouts are SO not cool.

Standon Calling (Hertfordshire, UK)

This call extends even to the dogs. Standon Calling is the self-proclaimed most dog-friendly festival in the UK. They even host a delightfully silly dog show, presented by Barking Heads. Standon Calling requires all doggies to be registered and asks that owners keep other festivalgoers in mind – good manners, pooper scoopers, and leashes, people.

The festival presents a refreshing blend of post-punk revival, dance-punk, and indie rock. Don’t be too quick to judge if these genres aren’t your cup of tea as this event has a knack for spotting talent. They’ve hosted some big names while they were still up-and-coming, like Lewis Capaldi, Mumford & Sons, Rag N’ Bone Man, Sam Fender, among others

Visit their website to see what else is on the table. They offer a costume parade, a packed kids program, delicious fare, a wellness area, and even a summer pool!

Camper Jam (Shropshire, UK)

nakhon100, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
istolethetv, CC BY 2.0 DEED via flickr

Did someone say VW campers? Or music? Or dogs? Camper Jam combines all three crowd favourites and even adds a variety of workshops and the Disco Shed into the mix! Camper jam is a family event, and that means being a dog-friendly festival, too!

However, the attendance of these furry family members are subject to certain rules. They must be kept close to the owner’s heart at all times on a short leash, and if it’s your pooch, it’s also your poop to clean up! The marquees also become a no-dog zone after 8pm.

Lindisfarne (Northumberland, UK)

Via the Lindisfarne Website Gallery

As long as the pups keep their owners well-behaved and on a <1.5 m leash at all times, everyone is welcomed at this dog-friendly festival! Good news: starting 2024, dog tickets are out – your pup gets in with your regular ticket! A special doggy welfare area is also in the works! This will offer shade, water bars and treat stations to get their tails wagging again.

For everyone and their dog’s safety, ONLY service dogs will be allowed in the music marquees. Your pup = your poop = your mess/damage. Keep a close eye on you mischievous friend at all times and ensure you comply with the dog policy. There will also be loud music, so carefully consider whether your dog’s ears are a safe distance away or properly protected.

For the human counterparts there will be live music (mainly electronic), holistic therapies, yoga and meditation, and more.

Deva Fest (Cheshire, England)

Deva Fest 2023

Country, Electronic, Pop, Rock Blues, Classical, and Man’s Best Friend! Doggos are more than welcome both on the festival and camping grounds; but for their own safety, not in the big top. The leash and clean-up policies apply here as well.

This is Cheshire’s music, food, and lifestyle fest. Music is the main focus here; but here’s also comedy, family and grown-up fun. And some of the best, hand-picked food and drink vendors! Foodies, you won’t regret coming.

Sign of the Times (Hertfordshire, England)

Via the Sign of the Times website

Three days jammed full of food stalls, licensed bars, and brilliant live music. The Main Outdoor and Big Top Stage will feature rock, pop, indie, punk, alternative, and MUCH more. Sign of the times is set to be one of the best summer festivals with something for everyone, whether campers or day-visitors.

“Everyone” includes our furry friends, as long as the leash- and cleanup policies are dutifully followed. Have your pup’s best interests at heart and don’t expose them to loud music or leave them to fend for themselves in a car or on the grounds. The fest provides water stations throughout the camping site and arena for doggo-hydration in hot weather.

Mighty Dub Fest

What on Earth can top the marriage of VW, live music, workshops, and family entertainment? The addition of dogs, of course! It’s a dog’s day out and this pro-pup event even organizes a dog-show for them! Aforementioned dog-safety policies applies.

Additionally, the festival offers food vendors (yes: vegan, veggie and gluten-free vendors available), three bars (this is England, mates), workshops, actual shops, a wellness tent, and the star: the vintage VW show.


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