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Here Today, Gone Tomorrowland

At Tomorrowland, it is believed that you should write your own story. In fact, each year has its own theme for attendees to run wild with. Immerse yourself in a fantasy world like no other, where nothing matters except the gift of the present and the hope of tomorrow.

This fantastical festival takes place annually in three different countries under different names, but with the same essence. Tomorrowland Winter in France, Tomorrowland Brazil, and Tomorrowland Belgium, on which we will zoom in.

This iconic fest wat ranked the “Best Music Festival of the Year” at the International Dance Music Awards not once, not twice, but five times in a row! And it’s reputation keeps reaching for the stars – with 600 000 attendees in 2022, it was under the top 8 biggest music festivals on the globe.

What Tomorrow Holds

Arroser, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Each year features a unique theme which serves as the scaffold for the wonderful and whimsical world that is created during the event. “The Reflection of Love” in 2022 and “Adscendo” in 2023, but themes reach back as far as 2009’s “Mask”.

There are sixteen stages at this festival, each dedicated to a specific music genre to capture an awesome variety of musical styles! Electronic dance, techno, psytrance, drum and bass, house, and much more. Especially the iconic Mainstage evolves with the theme every year, and other stages have unique heartbeats pulsing to their own rhythms. Additionally, stages are outfitted to visually match their pulse’s genre.

The Stages

The centerpiece of Tomorrowland, this stage’s epic look is a highlight of the festival each year

The Rose Garden
The sounds of a good time roar underneath the giant friendly dragon overlooking the lake.

Be spellbound at this stage crafted from pure magic at the water’s edge and surrender to the tempo of good quality sounds.

Freedom Stage
A mind-bending futuristic experience awaits you. The Freedom Stage is a technical masterpiece of LED displays bordering on hallucinations – indeed, this is one unmatched rave.

This indoor stage shuts out the outside world and fills its enclosed atmosphere with top-tier techno. Thousands of people can fit to vibe to these bomb beats on a floor ignited with flashing strobes.

Relive the sneak-out parties in the secretive darkness of the Cage. The electronic music that rules Tomorrowland rattles your bones as you surrender to thee super-spirited vibes of rave, techno, and hardcore DJs.

The Rave Cave
Taking it back to basics – when all you needed for a grave rave was a soundproof cave, sick DJs, and the beat knotted to your sneaker’s laces to drive you over the edge.

Via the Tomorrowland Facebook page

The literal face of the music smack in the middle of a faery forest. CORE is where your roots grow back into Mother Earth as jou dance to the bold, innovative sounds of the DJs. In fact, CORE is also a music fest in it own right and will return for two nights in Mexico in 2024. Tickets are currently available!

Crystal Garden
An enchanted floating faux-island in its own right, Crystal garden oozes epic eclectic sounds from its fog-veiled edges. Thus, enjoy a steamy time around this enchanted stage.

The Library
Massive books flank this stage as musical DJ poetry streaks over the crowd. Future house, big room, and hardstyle drifts from these shelves.

Enter a psytrance under the caps of a giant fungi forest. Swing by for this high-pnotic experience.

Nature envelopes this stage, symbolizing the fresh vibes it promotes with up-and-coming DJs making their mark. Nevertheless, well-known DJs also hit the stage to fire up the crowd.


From basic camping to luxury accommodation, Dreamville offers 6 different crash-zones and 2 hang-out areas. To sum up: yoga, recovery, and hammocks in the Chill Out area are a safe haven against the festival madness. The Marketplace is a hub of life in its own right with food, salons, shops, and much more.

The Gathering is the official opening party of Tomorrowland and takes place on the very first day. Tastes of Dreamville promises to delight your tastebuds with a variety of the finest fare. Visit the Farmhouse or Marketplace for satisfying sustenance, or swing by for a cold beer at the Dreamville entrances. Allergies or dietary preferences? From veggie heads to picky divas can find themselves catered for.

Tomorrowland Belgium 2024

Via the Tomorrowland website

The 2024 theme aims for a symbolic rebirth with the theme of “Life”. To uncover the origin story behind the theme and get into the right mindset, purchase the Spirit of Life fantasy novel.

The fest will run over two weekends: 19-21 July and 26-28 July. And while the 2024 line-up is yet to be announced, the location is set at De Schorre, Boom, Belgium. Find all things tickets here. Pre-register and get ready to party like there’s no tomorrow.


What is the minimum age to enter the festival?
Technically, it’s 18. But if you’re a 2006 baby and the moons haven’t yet fully cycled, the festival won’t get technical about dates. However, don’t push your luck: 2007 or later and you will be turned away, guardian or no.

When can I purchase ticket for 2024?
Saturday January 20, 2024 – 17:00 CET
Included: Tomorrowland ticket, hotel, and/or Dreamville, with or without transport.

Saturday January 27, 2024 – 17:00 CET

Saturday February 3, 2024 – 17:00 CET. 

What is a Tomorrowland account?
To buy tickets, you need to pre-register. And to pre-register, you need a Tomorrowland account. In your account, you will find your personal details and links to ticket sales. Find further information here

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