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You Need to Visit AT LEAST One of these Festivals in Florida!

Get the best out of the festivals in Florida. We’ve made a list to help. From the electrocuting atmosphere of Miami’s ULTRA Music Festival to the serene melodies of the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, Florida’s festival scene serves every type of music lover. So get ready to immerse yourself in the diverse soundscape of the Sunshine State. We’re exploring seven festivals that promise epic experiences and endless fun.

Ultra Music Festival (Miami)

Unforgettable summer memories are created with your fellow Ultranauts across 3 days at this outdoor rave in Bayfront Park. A monster mash of EDM, techno, house, and dance entrances the thousands of people who attend one of the biggest EDM festivals in Florida (and the world!).

Top names of each genre smash the multiple stages to pieces with extreme DJ-ing and live performances. Besides the soul-reverberating beats, there’s also an epic visual art lineup and riveting installations. So pack your hat, sunscreen, best friends and wildest fashion and get ready for the ULTRA music experience that’ll replace your pants with peppiness!


The grandest music and arts extravaganza among festivals in Florida, SunFest lights up the waterfront in lively downtown West Palm Beach. Three stages host 50 bands that sizzle the sands with sounds from rock, jazz, pop, reggae, hip-hop, and dance music. Surrounding the palm-dotted beaches and the main event are activities for the whole family.

Over 250,000 folks revel in the performances, visual arts, and dazzling pyrotechnics in this ultimate summer spectacle. As a non-profit bash, SunFest aims to weave community bonds through cultural projects, aid other amity organizations, and champion youth education. All while delivering a sensationally diverse lineup guaranteed to get you dancing like a palm tree!

Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando

Another EDM whopper, EDC Orlando is known for its extravagant 3D stages, captivating art and superstructures, LED flora, and blood-bouncing electronic beats. Its flagship event is held in Las Vegas and is the largest EDM fest in North America.

Experience a carnival like never before – rides, performers, and whimsy all included. Go above and beyond the expectations of what EDM can be and join this enchanted celebration of love, art, and music. Three days of trance-like experiences that’ll spin you out on the other side with unreal memories only your fellow festivalgoers will believe.

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

Okeechobeeings strive for synergy – between each other, nature, new connections, movements, and all consciousnesses, be it human or fauna. With freedom and acceptance being the core ethos, the one rule at Sunshine Grove is to Be, Here, Now. And in the all-encompassing universe that exists beyond the surreal Portal is nearly every music genre imaginable.

The event is truly set in its own world and built on the five pivotal pillars of love, respect, spirituality, community, and creativity. Reaching out further into the community, Okeechobee is committed to charity projects. They’ve lived out their pillars by helping victims of domestic violence and food insecurity, veterans, and by furthering youth mentorship.

Okeechobee isn’t just a festival – it’s a lifestyle. Step onto a piece of lands where magic hangs like wisps from the trees, art, and people themselves.

Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival

Luckily, you don’t need a map and a pirate ship to find this hidden treasure among the festivals in Florida. Shining like a beacon on the sun-soaked sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach Park is this gem that features food, cowboy hats, bikini tops and ice cold beer. All brought together by the twang of country music and dazzling turquoise waters.

Three stages host some of the biggest names in country, roots, and R&B, all while enlightening people about ocean conservation. That being said, no pamphlet pushers here! The Conservation village works to get the new generation into sustainable living and environment-valuing mindsets. Sustainability is integrated into everything, from wristbands to beer cans!

Gasparilla Music Festival

Unpretentious and therefore unparalleled, this Jack of all trades festival doesn’t try to fit in anywhere. Instead, it flips up its sunnies, unbuttons it’s floral shirt, and sips a Bahama Mama to the beats of indie rock, blues, jazz, hip-hop, and alternative. Voted “Best Festival in Tampa Bay”, stepping out of the maelstrom of festival competition to just chill apparently works.

Local craft beer and authentic food accompany the diverse musical lineup, along with interactive art, live paintings, and silent discos on Friday and Saturday night. Despite its no-care air, the festival is organized by the nonprofit Gasparilla Music Foundation, which cares deeply for the community and environment. They have several goals, including supporting musical education.

So kick back next to the water in the Lane Riverfront Park, sip a beer, and chill with the great music and the thought of your money making a difference.

GroundUp Music Festival

Moving away from the crowds and out of the box you’ll find GroundUp Music Festival. Genres belt out freely, with no specific label on them as diverse talents take the stage. And due to the intimate nature of the event, you’ll likely get the chance to interact with said talent and give them a piece of your mind about their music later.

Artists host workshops and masterclasses throughout the event. The hammock-blessed Grove is the perfect place for attendees and artists alike to relax. The Friday family dinner even gets you the chance to dine privately with the music makers.

Concerts sometimes go on through the night, and this festival gives intense summer-before-college beach party vibes. Anything can happen to anyone, and anyone might be you.

Inge Strauss