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Top 5 Electronic Music Festivals in the US in 2024

If you’re craving the most electrifying vibes around, brace yourself for the hottest 2024 electronic music festivals in the US! These coast-to-coast fests will set dancefloors on fire and take your music journey to the next level. Come along as we count down the Top 5 electronic festivals shaping the 2024 music scene. And 2 bonus events at the end, ’cause we love you.

Electric Daisy Carnival (Fri, 17 May – Sun, 19 May; Nevada)

Emmanuel Faz, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED via flickr

What started out a warehouse party in 1997 is now held annually in China, Mexico, and Orlando. The 3-day flagship event takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and lays claim to the title “Largest EDM fest in North America”. Strictly NO U18s are admitted, meaning zero damns are given as house, techno, dubstep and other EDM blasts from the stages.

But what would a carnival be without the whimsy? An eclectic, psychedelic experience awaits. Neon habitats feature LED-veined flora and fauna, 3D superstructures stand to wow, and eccentric carnival performers roam free between the variety of rides to tease and entrance you. Bring along EDC’s currency of imagination and good vibes and get your sensory fill at every nook and cranny.

Imagine (Dates TBD ; Georgia)

Over three days and four stages, Imagine Festival brings you the best of EDM, including house, techno, bass, and dubstep. Unsurprisingly, it was recently among the “Top 20 Festivals in the World” (Fest300, 2023). It also made it into the “Top Ten Emerging Music Festivals by USA Today” (USA Today Newspaper, 2023). Nearby campsites and glamping options ensure you’re close for the pre-party and pool parties at the Imagine Pool.

Several games and activities, live art, vendors, workshops and retailers are on standby to ensure there’s never a dull moment in this action-packed event. And while the 2024 line-up and dates are yet TBD, previous line-ups give all the reason you need to settle for ramen lunches in favor of a ticket. Picture pyrotechnics, laser shows, and mind-blowing designs – the possibilities are endless!

ULTRA Miami (Fri, 22 Mar – Sun, 24 Mar ; Florida)

Ultra Music Festival has spawned several annual events across the globe (“Ultra Worldwide”). These include Croatia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Singapore. But the original event, UMF Miami, takes place in Miami, Florida, and spans over three unforgettable, soul-shaking days. Tickets might cost a pretty penny, but those who score one are in for a reverberating and life-changing experience.

UMF Miami has won several awards, including Best International Dance Music Festival (DJ Awards, 2008), World’s Best Festival Award (DJ Magazine 2016, 2017) and Best Music Event (International Dance Music Awards, 2008-2011). The results speak for themselves: let, them, COOK!

Now, while 2023 saw 165,000 attendees 2024 is expected to blow that number out of the water. This is with headliners such as Afrojack, Adam Beyer, Elderbrook, Laura van Dam, Steve Aoki, Ann Clue, Nostalgix, Sub Zero Project, Soren, and many more.

Electric Forest (Thu, 20 Jun – Sun, 23 Jun ; Michigan)

In Sherwood Forest on the Double JJ Ranch, the bass beats bolt of electricity into the ambient neon-bathed trees. Ancient trunks dance in the vibrations of the sonic madness as the stage emits a medley of genres. Notably these include electronic, rock, jam and pop.

The 2024 line-up has been announced and the stage is set for a quaking experience. Included in the headliners are Pretty Lights, John Summit, Ludacris, Nelly Furtado, Everything Always, Black Tiger Sex Machine, The Disco Biscuits, Excision, Charlotte De Witte, and MANY more. But the beats are good enough to make you stop and vibe anyway, even if you don’t know the EDM magician by name.

Beyond Wonderland

For a 2-day madder-than-a-hatter psychedelic tea party, follow us down the rabbit hole into Southern Cali.
Get ready to jam out to House, Trance, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and ambient beats at the festival. And don’t miss out on the cool extras like a light maze, modern art sculptures, and poi dancers.

Hold court at Queen’s Domain, question reality at the Looking Glass, go irreversibly bonkers at the Mad Hatter’s Castle, vibe it out in the Caterpillar’s Garden, get curiously chummy in the Cheshire Woods, and be awed at the Sea of Wonder. All these stages are straight out of fantasy and make you want to forget reality.

The 2024 line-up includes the likes of Afrojack, A.M.C., Black V Neck, The Chainsmokers, Sidepiece, I Hate Models, and more.

Bonnaroo (Thu, 13 Jun – Sun, 16 Jun ; Tennessee)

It means “an awesome time”. No jokes – ask the Creole people. “The farm” attracted 70,000 passionate pairs of feet during it’s launch in 2002. Since then, it’s been revered under “50 Moments That Changed Rock & Roll” (Rolling Stones mag, 2003) and described as “the ultimate over-the-top summer festival” in 2008.

Over four days, multiple stages at Great Stage Park sees literally all genres melted down into one unforgettable bonnaroovian experience! This annual music and arts event features electronic, pop, psychedelic, rock, indie, country, R&B, and every other musical note medley. Some stages even party straight through Cinderella’s curfew and into dawn.

The 2024 line-up descends straight from the stars with names like Pretty Lights, Fred Again, Post Malone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cigarettes After Sex, Fisher, and more. So grab your ticket and get ready to trip. But beware – if you go once, you’re doomed to return the following year.

Lightning In A Bottle (Wed, 22 May – Mon, 27 May ; California)

This electronic music fest takes place over Memorial Day Weekend. Since its inception in 2006, it’s beelined towards becoming one of the biggest and best EDM festivals in the country. Get struck by bolts of the best EDM storms around. Techno, bass, house, hip hop, pop and more brew on the seven stages featuring both breakout and world famous performers.

Lit megastructures dominate the scene and a sense of epic community and caring camaraderie pervades. The combination of music, art, wellness, community, culture and sustainability gives endless opportunities to expand your mind.

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