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Exciting Student Jobs at Music Festivals and How to Apply

Veld Music Festival
By Tobias Wang of Visualbass Photography, Vield Music Festival

Music festivals are more than just music. They’re about the experience and community. For students, they offer exciting job opportunities. Let’s explore Exciting Student Jobs at Music Festivals and How to Apply.

Event Staff: The Heart of the Action

Event staff roles are dynamic. They involve scanning tickets, giving out wristbands, and providing information. These roles require enthusiasm and good communication skills.

Hospitality and Catering: The Taste of the Festival

Love food? Consider hospitality or catering. Serve festival treats or check IDs at beer tents. Interact with festival-goers and ensure a memorable culinary experience.

Merchandising: Festival Fashion and Memorabilia

Work in merchandising to dive into festival fashion. Sell T-shirts, hats, or artist merchandise. Earn extra cash while contributing to the festival’s aesthetic.

Logistics and Operations: The Symphony Behind the Scenes

Festival logistics are like a symphony. Students can help set up and break down the event. Assist with load-in and load-out or manage parking areas.

Security and Safety: A Sense of Responsibility

Roles in event security or first aid are for those with a keen sense of responsibility. Ensure the safety and well-being of festival-goers.

Technical and Production: The Magic Behind the Stage

Work as a stagehand, production assistant, or part of the sound and lighting crew. Get a unique perspective on creating a seamless live music experience.

Promotional and Marketing: Engage with the Festival Community

Join the festival’s street team or take charge of social media coordination. Test your marketing skills and engage with the festival community.

Volunteer Coordinator: Manage the Volunteer Workforce

Enjoy working with people? Consider a role as a volunteer coordinator. Organize and manage the festival’s volunteer workforce.

Personal experience: Set designer

I had a great experience as a set designer at the Pangea Festival in Germany. The work was hard. We set up a small village on the festival site for stalls selling food and drinks. There was also a fountain and a basketball court. We were on the festival site for a few weeks to set up and take down the little Cuban village, had a tent site for the staff with proper showers and toilets, got food three times a day (even during the festival) and access to all the stages.
All in all a great experience, lots of fun, fair pay, free entry to the festival and cool people to be around.

Veld 2016 Day 2
By Tobias Wang of Visualbass Photography, Vield Music Festival

How to Apply

Applying for festival jobs involves several steps:

  1. Understand the industry and network with people in the field.
  2. Research all festival participants.
  3. Apply to relevant positions on festival websites or third-party sites.
  4. Prepare for the application process.
  5. Personal experience: Look around for Set collectives. Here is one from Germany

No minimum education is required for these positions. Training is usually provided.
You can find an overview about festivals here.


Working at a music festival is more than just a job. It’s a chance to be part of something special. So, grab your festival gear and sunscreen. Get ready to make unforgettable memories while earning a paycheck.

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