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Coastal Country Jam 2023 Lineup

A Deep Dive into the Lineup of Coastal Country Jam 2023 in Long Beach, LA.

Lineup Coastal Country Jam 2023
Coastal Country Jam 2023 Lineup

As the leaves begin to change and the summer sun starts to bid its farewell, there’s no better way to transition into the crisp and colorful days of autumn than with some good old-fashioned country music. And what better place to do that than at the highly anticipated Coastal Country Jam 2023?

This year, the Coastal Country Jam promises to be bigger and better than ever, with a stellar lineup that will leave country music enthusiasts counting down the days.

Mark your calendars for September 16 and 17, 2023, because Marina Green Long Beach in California is where you’ll want to be. With headlining acts that include the legendary Blake Shelton and the iconic Tim McGraw, along with an incredible supporting cast, this two-day event is set to be an unforgettable experience for country music fans of all ages.

Let’s dive right into the lineup, featuring some of the biggest names in the industry who will grace the Coastal Country Jam stage:

Saturday, September 16, Coastal Country Jam 2023 Lineup:

Blake Shelton:

Blake Shelton, the multi-award-winning country superstar, celebrated for chart-toppers such as “God’s Country” and “Honey Bee,” is set to kick off Coastal Country Jam 2023 with an electrifying performance that promises to set the festival’s opening night on fire. His powerful vocals and stage presence will undoubtedly leave fans wanting more.

Brooks & Dunn:

Brooks & Dunn, the legendary country music duo known for their classics like “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”, are all set to ignite the stage. Their unmatched chemistry and hits that have stood the test of time will ensure an unforgettable night of boot-scootin’ and neon-soaked country music revelry. Don’t miss this iconic duo’s performance as they bring their unmatched energy and enduring melodies to the festival, creating cherished memories for fans of all generations.

Dustin Lynch:

Dustin Lynch, with chart-toppers like “Small Town Boy”, is poised to keep the crowd on their feet with an electrifying performance. His modern country sound, characterized by catchy hooks and relatable lyrics, will create an electric atmosphere, ensuring a night filled with sing-alongs and dancing. Dustin’s magnetic stage presence and ability to connect with the audience make him a standout performer, promising an unforgettable highlight of Coastal Country Jam 2023. Don’t miss the chance to experience the energy and excitement he brings to the stage.

Tyler Hubbard:

Umgnashvilleofficial CC BY 2.0

Tyler Hubbard, one half of the chart-topping duo Florida Georgia Line, brings exceptional talent to the Coastal Country Jam stage. Known for their hits like “Cruise”, Tyler Hubbard will deliver a captivating performance that showcases his immense stage presence.

Kidd G:

Rising star Kidd G adds a unique blend of country and rap to the festival. He is known for his viral hit “Dirt Road.” His relatable lyrics will have the crowd singing along as he brings a fresh dimension to Coastal Country Jam 2023.

Mackenzie Porter:

Canadian singer-songwriter Mackenzie Porter, whose fame soared with her hit “These Days,” will mesmerize the audience with her incredible vocal talents. Her emotionally charged performances and captivating storytelling through music make her a must-see act, promising a memorable addition to the festival’s lineup.

Luwiss Lux:

Luwiss Lux, with his distinctive country sound, adds a special flavor to the lineup. Hailing from the heart of country music, his authentic lyrics will leave a lasting impression on festival-goers. Get ready for a dose of pure country soul from Luwiss Lux.

That’s just the beginning! But the music doesn’t stop on Saturday: the Coastal Country Jam rolls on into Sunday, September 17, with another lineup that promises to keep the excitement going:

Sunday, September 17, Coastal Country Jam 2023 Lineup:

Tim McGraw:

As the sun sets, get ready to be serenaded by one of the most beloved voices in country music, Tim McGraw. Known for timeless classics like “Live Like You Were Dying”, his closing performance promises to be a heartwarming moment. Tim’s storytelling prowess and emotional depth in his music will leave an indelible mark on the festival’s grand finale.

Maren Morris:

Prepare to be enchanted by Grammy-winning powerhouse Maren Morris, who will grace the Coastal Country Jam stage with her stunning vocals. Her captivating presence and poignant lyrics will create a mesmerizing experience that resonates deep within the hearts of the audience.

Scotty McCreery:

American Idol winner and country sensation Scotty McCreery will have the crowd singing along to his heartwarming hits like “Five More Minutes” and “This Is It.” His down-to-earth charm and relatable lyrics make for a perfect addition to the festival’s Sunday lineup.

Jameson Rodgers:

Jameson Rodgers, known for his heartfelt songs like “Some Girls”, is sure to captivate the audience with his genuine performance. Get ready to feel the emotion and energy he brings to the Coastal Country Jam stage.

Alana Springsteen:

Rising star Alana Springsteen will light up the stage with her infectious energy and catchy country-pop sound. Her vibrant performance will leave festival-goers with a sense of joy and anticipation, rounding out the weekend’s musical experience.

Luwiss Lux:

Luwiss Lux makes a triumphant return on Sunday, ensuring that the weekend closes with a bang. His distinctive country sound and authentic lyrics add a unique flavor to the lineup. Luwiss Lux’s presence on the stage guarantees that the festival concludes on a high note, leaving attendees with lasting memories.

There you have it, a sneak peek at the diverse and talented lineup at Coastal Country Jam 2023. With such a range of artists, there’s something for every country music enthusiast. Get your tickets and prepare for a night filled with great music, good company, and unforgettable moments.

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