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The Hillbillies at Camp Flog Gnaw 2023

The Hillbillies at Camp Flog Gnaw 2023 promises an immersive fusion of rural culture and urban music, potentially setting a new standard for the future of music festivals.

A Surprise Release

“The Hillbillies” made its debut as a surprise release in the early summer of 2023. Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar, who had recently completed their Big Steppers Tour from July to December 2022, brought their unique blend of creativity to the festival.

During the tour, they even filmed material for a potential music video, hinting at something big on the horizon.

This innovative song, initially released as a YouTube exclusive on May 30, 2023, took fans by surprise.

Its genre, often described as a drill track with influences from UK drill and Jersey club production, was a stark departure from the typical Camp Flog Gnaw fare.

The song’s unconventional sound challenged festival-goers’ musical expectations, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The Hillbillies: Lyrically Playful and Conversational

Lyrically, “The Hillbillies” is a playful and conversational exchange between Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar. They touch on a range of subjects, from women and fashion to fame and football.

Throughout the song, there are references to professional footballers Lionel Messi and Neymar, as well as designers Martine Rose and Grace Wales Bonner.

The song’s irreverent and fun lyrics added an extra layer of entertainment to the Camp Flog Gnaw experience. The unexpected combination of urban and rural influences in the lyrics was a nod to the fusion that would unfold on the festival stage.

An Unexpected Music Video

“The Hillbillies” wasn’t just a song; it was a multi-dimensional experience. The accompanying music video, directed and edited by Neal Farmer, was a unique visual journey.

Filmed entirely on a VHS camcorder during the conclusion of the Big Steppers Tour’s European leg, the video featured Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar as they traveled around Europe and the United States.

The video included landmarks such as the London Eye, Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre in Dublin, and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

It showcased the rappers in a casual, lo-fi, and playful mood as they explored various cities, danced around, played video games, and engaged in light-hearted antics.

American rapper Tyler, the Creator even made a cameo appearance in the video, teasing the return of his annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival.

Critical Acclaim of the song

“The Hillbillies” was met with critical acclaim. Music critics praised the song for its Jersey club-inspired production and the chemistry between Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar. Some reviewers highlighted the song’s unique sampling of Bon Iver and Alabaster DePlume, which added an unexpected layer of depth to the track.

Pitchfork named “The Hillbillies” the “Best New Track,” emphasizing its relaxed and playful nature.

The song provided a glimpse into the vision for Lamar and Dave Free’s PGLang, which added an innovative touch to Camp Flog Gnaw.

Rolling Stone appreciated the song for offering insight into “whatever” Lamar and PGLang entail. It also noted Lamar’s irreverent and fun approach in the track, reminiscent of his earlier works with artists like Dom Kennedy and Fredo Santana.

Chart Success and conclusion

“The Hillbillies” not only resonated with music critics but also found its place on various music charts. The song charted in different countries, including Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

It reached peak positions on charts such as the Canadian Hot 100, New Zealand Hot Singles, US Billboard Hot 100, US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, and US Rhythmic charts.

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