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Reach for the Clouds at these Marijuana Festivals

Nothing backs a high vibe like good tunes to set the stage for an awesome time. Great music and great weed go hand in hand, and we’ve compiled a list of the best marijuana festivals to take a trip to. Like-minded people get together to pass along good vibes and good joints. Make sure to check out each festival’s webpage to get the specifics on brings and bringn’ts.

Mile High 420 Festival (Sat, 20 Apr ; Colorado)

Around 50,000 people are expected to turn up on 4/20/2024 for the largest cannabis fest in the US. Open to persons 21 and older, it features a community ambiance, artists, food vendors, and local musical performances. All things marijuana are celebrated and enjoyed at the event,

Note that Colorado State law prohibits the public consumption of weed. Read up on the FAQ, and especially make sure to watch the videos on the festival’s homepage for a feel of the rules and regulations.

420 Hippie Hill San Francisco (Sat, 20 Apr ; California)

On 4/20, people from all corners converge in San Francisco for the ultimate ganja gala, celebrating the high holiday with giggle grass and good vibes. Expect  herb, good tunes, and munchies galore at this stoner haven.

Get ready for a lit experience—while you can bring your own (personal sized) stash, on-site dispensaries offer high-quality THC for a good trip guarantee. This event is strictly 21+, but entry totally FREE! Chill-out zones, munchie stations, and ambient tunes ensure everyone’s vibe is covered.

So, roll up and puff puff pass the good times at this holiday celebration!

Austin Reggae Festival (Fri, 19 Apr – Sun, 21 Apr ; Texas)

People who’ve visited the gem of a town that is Austin have only good things to say about both the vibes and the people. Peace and Love isn’t just a slogan, it’s an ethos: the Austin Reggae Festival has kept the record of most donations to the local food bank since its inception.

Among the marijuana festivals, this is perhaps where you can smoke weed the most freely with the least fear of repercussions. The tunes that will set the stage for your experience is headlined by Stonebwoy, Soul Syndicate, Lila Iké, Alborosie, Mellow Mood, and The Legendary Wailers.

Check out these campsites and hotels for places to crash for the night. Then wake, bake, and get ready for the rest of this trippin’ fest. Make the trip for the best time you’ll ever forget at the 30th anniversary of this Bob Marley inspired event.

Grasslands @Outside Lands Festival (Fri, 9 Aug – Sun, 11 Aug ; California)

Since 2019, the bars have been lifted and cannabis can be sold and used recreationally at this sub-division of the amazing Outside Lands Festival (check it out here!). Join the high spirits at this 21+ celebration with the latest cannabis innovations and cultures.

Explore the crème de la crème of cannabis goods in the marketplace and treat yourself to some goodies. When it’s time for a snack run, dive into the delightful comfort foods for sale. And of course, close your eyes and see the beats of the live DJ sets at the Grass Lands Stage.

Northern Nights Music Festival (Fri, 19 Jul – Sun, 21 Jul ; California)

This pioneer event was the first hybrid of the music and marijuana festivals to greenlight on-site sales and consumption.  Consequently, this festival is a trendsetter for innovative cannabis culture.

With attendance topping out at about 6,000 attendees, this boutique festival is the ideal intimate experience of good music (view line-ups here) while riding the high. Situated on the Eel River and with a campsite under the stars, there’s no overwhelm, just good times.

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