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El Pum Pum 2023 – Hacks

Tips, Tricks & Hacks for El Pum Pum 2023

Welcome to our festival blog, your ultimate guide to mastering the electrifying El Pum Pum Reggaeton Festival 2023 at Lakewood Amphitheater like a true pro. Get ready to level up your festival game with these exclusive hacks that will have you dancing, grooving, and living your best reggaeton life!

Score Fast Lane Tickets

Want to skip the lines and dive straight into the reggaeton madness? Opt for the fast lane tickets that save you time to get access to the heart of the action. Secure your spot at El Pum Pum 2023 with these coveted tickets, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Go All-In with Pit Tickets

If you’re a true reggaeton fan, the pit is where the magic happens. Yes, it might come with a hefty price tag (up to $290), but it’s an investment in a front-row experience like no other.

Close to your favorite artists and surrounded by fellow super fans, you’ll be dancing your heart out in the epicenter of the reggaeton universe.

This area is also covered by a roof.

Opt for a Seat with a View

Prefer a more relaxed festival experience? Snag a sitting ticket in Decks 201-207 (around $110) and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the stage. It’s the perfect choice if you’re keen to enjoy the music while taking a breather.

Budget-Friendly Option

Tight on funds? No worries! Choose the Piedmont Healthcare lawn (tickets around 70$). While it might not be right up close to the stage, you’ll still get the complete festival experience.

Thanks to the big LED screens strategically placed next to the stage, you won’t miss any of the action. This area is also great for families, providing a more relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the beats.

Pack the Essentials

Another festival hack: From sunscreen to comfy shoes made for dancing, ensure you’ve got all the festival essentials packed. And don’t forget the stylish shades – you’ll need them to shield your eyes from the blazing festival vibes.

Dress to impress at El Pum Pum Reggaeton Festival! Rock vibrant neon colors, bold prints.

Hydration Heroics

With all the perreo action, staying hydrated is non-negotiable. Bring a reusable water bottle to refill and conquer the dancefloor with unwavering energy. This is probably the most imporant El Pum Pum 2023 hack.

Navigational Ninja

Study the festival map like a treasure map! Know the stages, rest areas, and food stalls so you can easily navigate your way through the reggaeton wonderland.

Outfit Swag

Dress to impress in your finest reggaeton-inspired outfit. From neon colors to bold prints, this is the time to shine and embrace the vibrant culture of the festival.

Fuel Up Right

Refuel with a mix of festival eats and nutritious bites. Balancing the delicious with the nutritious will keep your stamina up for hours of reggaeton revelry.

Capture the Moment

Capture the epic moments with your squad but remember to stay present too. Put your phone down occasionally and immerse yourself in the infectious beats.

Meet-and-Greet Magic

Keep an eye out for surprise meet-and-greet sessions with your favorite reggaeton artists. Quick thinking and a keen eye might just get you up close and personal.

Squad Strategy

Coordinate with your crew to set meeting points in case you get separated. Festivals are all about unity, and you won’t want to miss a moment together.

Safety First

Finally, prioritize safety. Stay in groups, look out for one another, and follow the festival rules to ensure an unforgettable experience.


There you have it, your ultimate hacks to conquering El Pum Pum Reggaeton Festival 2023 like a seasoned pro. So gear up, bring your best moves, and let’s get ready to pum-pum-party!

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